Here be Dragons

Malhavoc's Lair

Returning with the head of a black dragon, one of the natural enemies of Rasvimi (the country you reside in) doesn’t get you the notoriety you would think it would. Sure, the dragon was small, but honestly – 4 weeks cooped up in an inn and not allowed to leave the city? Was this a reward, or just house arrest?

Finally, it looks like the city is ready to reward you. An invitation shows up from High Chancellor Aragol, inviting you to be rewarded for your service. It was delivered with an intricate red ribbon, which contained another secret message asking for a subsequent meeting with King Joff. You only know this because he told you about it afterwards. Nobody bothered to ever look at the ribbon. #disappointment

Aragol was nice. He gave you all a pretty ruby, and then told you to get out of town. He said it so politely though that you felt like thanking him afterwards. meeting with the king was way better though. He told you what the dragon you killed really meant. Things were about to get ugly. A thousand years ago, the black dragons developed the art of Hidecarving. It made them so powerful that a war soon broke out, with all the tribes of dragons vying for better and better Hidecarving techniques to become more powerful. The war shattered the very earth when tiamat herself sought to join the fray; The landsdrop was created when the earth shrank away rather than let her tread on it. Finally, after centuries of war, the leaders of the tribes made peace, and banned hidecarving. The art was lost, and the tribes became nations, with borders similar to what we see in Rasvimi today.

The dragon Blight bore evidence that she had been hidecarved. Aragol and the rest of the Council of Eight wanted to sweep this under the rug, lest it start panic. Joff was worried that if the war did come, it would be the human peoples of his realm who bore the brunt of it, and he wanted to find out everything he could in order to be able to protect them. So he sent you off to the lair of Malhavoc, one of the black Dragons who first discovered Hidecarving. Perhaps there you could find a book of his notes, describing what he knew.

Siding with Joff and the rest of the humans (and elves and dwarves and halflings) over the dragon blooded council was an easy decision, and soon you were off. You found the lair, invaded it and defeated the loizard men in residence there, and found the book of notes to return (in secret so that the Council was unaware) to Joff.

Chasing Blight

After returning from the kobold den, you’re feeling pretty good about yourselves. You whisk past the guards and into the city, walking the lane straight to City Hall. There, before the slightly bored clerk at the counter, you explain that you have returned successfully from performing your community service, and that you would like to show the evidence to Magistrate Turpin. Your grin fades a little as the clerk directs you wait in a long line. A very long line.

Sometime several hours later, the very same bored clerk finally directs you to a small room, where Turpin sits. He absentmindedly leafs through a pile of papers while you detail the kobold’s den and what you found there. He lisstens with half an ear until you get to the part about the broken dragon eggs.

“You found what?!” he asked, astonished.

“Dragon eggs. Broken ones, with little scroll-y writings on them,” you say, surprised at the sudden interest. "And we found this note, from someIxylplitch, who said that most of the dragons died, but there was one left alive."

Turpin read the note you retrieved, looking at it incredulously. “You will leave now” He said. “Your sentence has been extended. You will find this kobold, and the so cally wyrmling he claims to hold, and you will return with his head, and that of the dragon. You will leave immediately. Bailif!” he called, “Escort these people out of the city at once! They have work to do.”

Thus dismissed from the city, you are forced to turn around and retrace your steps back to the kobold den. Luckily, Triss seemed be the type who was handy in the wilderness, and he was soon able to find the prints from the riding lizard the kobold Ixylplitch used to ride off on.

Turns out that the poor guy did not get very far. You soon found the riding lizard, or what was left of it. There were only a couple of scraps left of the poor kobold, who must have been the first to go. And there was a journal, written to his superiors in the Nelthari, explaining that he had to move slowly because poor Blight (the black dragon) was getting hungry so quickly …

You were not alone in finding the corpses, either. Waiting nearby was a group of Praetorian guards. You weren’t sure what they were doing there, but they sure put up a struggle when you fought them.

From there, you needed to find Blight, so you continued following the trail (that Triss guy sure is good at spotting tracks) until you reached a river. This is where Anders decided to take a swim. At least, that’s what it looked like he was doing when Blight shot up out of the water and started strafing him with claws and acid every time he tried to turn around. Unprepared in the face of such an onslought, he was almost dead by the time the rest of you were able to reach him and help out. Even with all of you fighting together, Blight almost managed to eat you. In the end, though, tired and exhausted, and not a little wet, you prevailed.

But wait! What’s that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s …. it’s …. some guy with really big black dragon wings, and head that looked like a grinning skull. He told you that you could call him Joseph, and he demanded Blight’s corpse. He even told you he was willing to let you keep the head, since he knew the city council was waiting for it. The rest of the body, though, belonged to him. Thoroughly cowed by the very site of him, you handed over the body and prepared to head back to Aeris to talk to the Council.

And so it begins
Adventure 1

All of you met in prison, serving time for your various crimes against the state, and against the city of Aeris. River was caught engaging in a drunken bar brawl. Anders drove a horse and cart into one of the market stalls. Triss was caught jaywalking in broad daylight.

One by one, each of you was forced to walk before Magistrate Turpin for the reading of your sentences. His blue reptilian eyes speak to his draconic bloodline, the single factor most likely responsible for the position he now holds.

River … Community Service
Anders … Community Service
Triss … Community service

“A scout caught site of some kobolds north of the city.” he began, “Normally they do not come further south than the borderlands. He tracked them to a cave, but then was chased off by some sort of shaman when he was spotted. Your service,” he continued, “Will be to hunt down and destroy these beasts.”

In truth, the task did not seem too terribly difficult, especially with the assistance of the odd gnome who was also sentenced to accompany you. The scouts directions proved accurate, and soon you found the kobold lair, an old abandoned underground ruin. Within the ruin, you discovered and killed several kobolds, but also uncovered something more menacing. There was a clutch of broken black dragon eggs, each covered in glowing green runes. Worse yet was a note from a kobold named Ixylplitch who claimed to be carrying a surviving wyrmling to his masters, whoever they were.

You cleared the ruins and left, procuring a riding lizard from the stable along the way. Once free of the ruins, you discovered another interesting fact about your new friend River – she is being hunted by women of her own tribe in a fight to determine who will be the next queen. You no sooner leave the confines of the stone walls before you are set upon by Haven, who challenges River to mortal combat.

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