Here be Dragons

Chasing Blight

After returning from the kobold den, you’re feeling pretty good about yourselves. You whisk past the guards and into the city, walking the lane straight to City Hall. There, before the slightly bored clerk at the counter, you explain that you have returned successfully from performing your community service, and that you would like to show the evidence to Magistrate Turpin. Your grin fades a little as the clerk directs you wait in a long line. A very long line.

Sometime several hours later, the very same bored clerk finally directs you to a small room, where Turpin sits. He absentmindedly leafs through a pile of papers while you detail the kobold’s den and what you found there. He lisstens with half an ear until you get to the part about the broken dragon eggs.

“You found what?!” he asked, astonished.

“Dragon eggs. Broken ones, with little scroll-y writings on them,” you say, surprised at the sudden interest. "And we found this note, from someIxylplitch, who said that most of the dragons died, but there was one left alive."

Turpin read the note you retrieved, looking at it incredulously. “You will leave now” He said. “Your sentence has been extended. You will find this kobold, and the so cally wyrmling he claims to hold, and you will return with his head, and that of the dragon. You will leave immediately. Bailif!” he called, “Escort these people out of the city at once! They have work to do.”

Thus dismissed from the city, you are forced to turn around and retrace your steps back to the kobold den. Luckily, Triss seemed be the type who was handy in the wilderness, and he was soon able to find the prints from the riding lizard the kobold Ixylplitch used to ride off on.

Turns out that the poor guy did not get very far. You soon found the riding lizard, or what was left of it. There were only a couple of scraps left of the poor kobold, who must have been the first to go. And there was a journal, written to his superiors in the Nelthari, explaining that he had to move slowly because poor Blight (the black dragon) was getting hungry so quickly …

You were not alone in finding the corpses, either. Waiting nearby was a group of Praetorian guards. You weren’t sure what they were doing there, but they sure put up a struggle when you fought them.

From there, you needed to find Blight, so you continued following the trail (that Triss guy sure is good at spotting tracks) until you reached a river. This is where Anders decided to take a swim. At least, that’s what it looked like he was doing when Blight shot up out of the water and started strafing him with claws and acid every time he tried to turn around. Unprepared in the face of such an onslought, he was almost dead by the time the rest of you were able to reach him and help out. Even with all of you fighting together, Blight almost managed to eat you. In the end, though, tired and exhausted, and not a little wet, you prevailed.

But wait! What’s that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s …. it’s …. some guy with really big black dragon wings, and head that looked like a grinning skull. He told you that you could call him Joseph, and he demanded Blight’s corpse. He even told you he was willing to let you keep the head, since he knew the city council was waiting for it. The rest of the body, though, belonged to him. Thoroughly cowed by the very site of him, you handed over the body and prepared to head back to Aeris to talk to the Council.


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